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Maybe you bought it traveling overseas or bought your beautiful rug locally. We look at your rug as a piece of art, every rug needs specialized personal care. With our intensive 8 step cleaning process we expertly treat your rug like our own; no rug is too big or too small. From top to bottom, we give your rug the ROYAL TREATMENT, Handwashing the Old-Fashioned way, with 21st century expertise. From front to back, it will be dusted, pre-inspected, hand washed, dried, and post inspected. Then it will be ready to once again take its place of beauty in your home.

While searching through our website you may notice an effort to educate on the proper care of your rug. We are an active part of a rug community that includes the most respected and knowledgeable rug experts in the country. We share information and want you to get the answers to your questions. We would love to talk to you about your rug – this is not a one size fits all business.

Our amazing staff will breathe new life into your rugs with an expert touch. We clean each rug as if it was our own. Whether it be through cleaning and/or repairs we will make your beautiful rug shine.

Our Promise To You

We earn your trust by:

Educating you about your prized possession and options for restoring its beauty

Listening to you and caring for your rug as if it were our own

Using safe and effective solutions on each rug

Offering you progress updates from start to finish

Delivering clean, vibrant rugs, renewed pride and Big Smiles!

– Your Imperial Rug Cleaning Team

Meet The Team

Carol and I have been operating as business owners here in our community for over 40 years. We have 3 grown children, one lives locally, and two live overseas with all 6 of our grandchildren. You may guess we do a good share of traveling to keep up with them! Having been involved in our community, Carol and I were foster parents for 20 years, and I served on the founding board of Twin Peaks Charter Academy. We are proud of our team and know that we will always serve you with integrity and hard work. One of my favorite things in this business is seeing rugs come here that are 2nd and 3rd generation in a family. You are always welcome to ask for a tour and see how we clean, we enjoy that!

Dave & Carol Gerke


Hello, I am Tanya and I am the business manager/partial owner of Imperial Rug Cleaning (IRC).  I have been with the company since May 2016.  I am a Boulder County Native.  I have 1 child, my Chihuahua Bella. The 2 of us love all that Colorado offers such as 4 Wheeling, hiking and camping.  I enjoy seeing all your beautiful rugs come into our shop at IRC and most of all I love to hear the stories and histories behind them.  I take great pride in our team and seeing how delighted you are when you pick up your rugs here at IRC makes my day!  I’m excited to talk to you about your rugs. 


Business Manager/Partial Owner

I am an artist who loves birds.  Having lived in several places around the globe as part of a military family, I am happy to reside in the beautiful state of Colorado.  I have worked in many creative capacities, but somehow always come back to sewing.  I picked up the skill as a young child and haven’t put needle and thread down since!  My passion is creative thinking.  I enjoy finding clever solutions to puzzles of all sorts.  That’s why I love repairing rugs.  Each piece is unique: requiring creativity and attention to detail.  It’s very satisfying to help restore these beautiful works of art so that they can be appreciated anew, and for years to come.


Repair Expert

Hello, my name is Tony. I started at IRC in December of 2018 as a rug cleaning technician. It is remarkable the difference in some rugs from when they come in dirty, and we roll them up after cleaning. Both the color change, and in some cases the transformation as a result of the repairs done when they are needed. For those family heirlooms, this is fantastic. Personally, I enjoy the outdoors, volleyball, and photography. I am married, we have 4 kids, and 4 furry kids as well. 


Cleaning Technician

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SO HAPPY! Our all-wool area rug is 35+ YEARS OLD! Even though it has always been in a low-traffic area, it’s sagging, flattened pile was showing its age! Now it’s YOUNG AGAIN after IMPERIAL RUG CLEANING performed magic with cleaning and lifting the dense, high pile and bringing our rug BACK TO LIFE!” In addition to your cleaning of our area rug, thank you for the Grandi Groom carpet rake info you provided. I ordered and have received the rake. Very nice. Thank you for all your service and help.

Rita Sutcliffe – Firestone

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