Rug Protector

Having us apply a rug protector to your rug can extend the life of your rug and help prevent unsightly stains. ​When Rug Protector is applied to your rug, it forms a protective barrier around the fibers of the rug. This barrier helps keep dirt and staining elements from getting absorbed into the rug fibers.  […]


We offer a guaranteed odor removal on both Handmade and Machine made rugs. You will know this by looking at the back of your rug, if you can see the design from the front, your rug qualifies. We have taken rugs that have so much urine in them that they are stiff, and still been […]

Rug Care & Storage

How to Vacuum your Rugs

Rug Repairs

We inspect each rug to determine the specific repair needed since not all rugs can be repaired in the exact same fashion. We often will present you with some options, such as simply securing the rug edges from further deterioration and waiting till later to do the cosmetic repair.

Rug Cleaning

With our intensive 10 step cleaning process we expertly treat your rug; no rug is too big or too small. We treat your special rug like just like you love to be treated at a spa!