DIY Care

Can I just Steam Clean my Rugs?

If you have a hand made rug there are several risks/results of doing steam cleaning.  The solution used in steam cleaning is an extremely high PH which is very aggressive and meant to cut grease on wall to wall carpeting, NOT Rugs.  This will dry out/damage the wool over years as it remains in the wool.  In addition, the aggressive solutions will often make the dyes run and bleed.  If a rug starts bleeding few know what to do to stop the bleeding and not have major damage to their beautiful rug.  IF you are still willing to take the risk, be sure and ONLY clean the direction of the nap.  Don not go against the nap when wet… you can damage and make stripes on your rug that will be difficult or impossible to remove.  We do NOT recommend steam cleaning unless the fiber is synthetic:  Olefin, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester

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