Rug Repairs


The ends of the rug, what we call the top and bottom, will often have a fringe for the width of the rug. When it comes to the ends there are several places we check. The corners, the kilim strip, and fringe are the areas at risk. The corners will often show signs of distress. It’s important they are secure to keep the rug and fringe intact. If the end of the rug is not secured by knots in the fringe or with a stitch running across the entire end of the rug, your rug can start to come apart one row (weft) at a time. If you are tired of your fringe, we can turn it under, and hand sew a cover over it. New fringe can be hand sewn on to cover old and worn fringe. All of these options keep the rugs integrity, aesthetics and the rug lasting for generations to come. Never cut the fringe off of a hand knotted rug, the fringe is the warp cord that runs the entire length of the rug, your rug will fall apart if you cut your fringe off! See pic below for another option.

When your fringe has lost several rows of your rug and its uneven and unsecured one option is securing it right where it is, no matter how uneven. However, another option is having us even out the end before securing. This restores the beauty, but you will lose some length of your rug. Usually about a half inch to a couple inches depending on the amount of previous damage. You will end up with a nice, natural fringe from the warp of the rug.


Often the side cord has become bare in spots from wear. When the cord is intact, we will cover with a matching yarn by hand, no machine. If your cord is missing, we can at least secure it so no more is lost, or we will hand sew in a new cord and then cover it to match. This protects the core of your rug from continuing to lose more of the actual design.


If you have a hole in your rug, we have a few options. First the edge of the hole needs securing to avoid further loss/damage. If your rug gets a lot of traffic, we often recommend a support patch behind the hole. One additional option is to have our repair expert add some color on the patch to help blend it in. Your most expensive option would be actual reweaving. While we don’t offer this option, we can help you pursue it, if price is not a major concern. We will discuss these options with you after inspection.

Imperial Rug did a fantastic job fixing my rare one of a kind Afghan rug after I accidentally sucked part of it up in my vacuum cleaner! They were fast and affordable. I would definitely use them in the future for any repairs or cleaning.
Tina G
We recently inherited a beautiful but older and dirty rug. We were excited to bring it into our home, but needed it to be cleaned. After looking over the website we chose Imperial Rug Cleaning. They were delightful to work with as they explained their process, and I felt very comfortable with leaving my Grandmothers rug in their care. After inspection, they found a couple areas to repair to avoid any further damage to the end of the rug. I am thoroughly enjoying our beautiful clean rug that reminds me of my childhood days. I highly recommend you give Dave a call at Imperial Rug Cleaning
Katalina V.

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