We offer a guaranteed odor removal on both Handmade and Machine made rugs. You will identify this by looking at the back of your rug, if you can see the design from the front, your rug qualifies. We have taken rugs that have so much urine in them that they are stiff, and still been able to get the odor out. Of course, there may be other damage to the rug, such as permanent dye bleeding, and damage to the core cotton fibers that are the warp and weft that hold your rug together. Urine dries to an aggressive alkaline PH that we never want on a rug ,and left over any period of time may compromise the dyes or cause a difficult stain. While many yellow stains come out with our cleaning and stain removal methods, there are some that will not come out. Stain removal is not guaranteed.

Tufted rugs: If your rug is tufted( with a cloth/canvas type back ), and you can’t see any of the front design on the back, then your rug is held together with glue and we cannot guarantee to get the urine out of that glue or rug. In many cases, the backing material is already loose or compromised and a heavy dose of treatment will cause further damage. If your backing is loose, or there is a lot of urine, we may recommend replacement. The cost of treatment would surpass the value of the rug in many cases. However, if this rug is a special rug to you, either for sentimental reasons or the design/color, there are options we can discuss to try to recover the rug for you.

Pet Urine and Your Rugs.

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