Here are some rug care tips and guidelines to help you keep your rugs looking great, staying cleaner, and lasting longer.

Vacuuming your rugs is the best thing that you can do to keep your rugs in good shape between cleanings. Think of all the dust that settles onto your hard floors … that same dust settles on your rugs and needs to be removed, otherwise it works its way into the rug fibers and eventually causes irreversible damage. However, you do not want to overly “brush” these fibers, so the best tool to use is a canister vacuum cleaner, or the upholstery attachment on your upright HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner, and just run it over the top of the rug fibers. Vacuum WITH, not against, the nap of the rug. A rug’s fibers are similar to your pet’s fur – you know when you are petting with the nap, and when you are not. Going “with” it causes less friction. If a lot of dirt seems to be collecting on the rug – like on your entryway rugs – then turn these rugs fuzzy side down and run an upright beater bar vacuum along the back side (stay away from the fringe tassels or you’ll suck them up in the vacuum!). This “shakes” the dirt out of the base of the rug’s foundation, and then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all of the dust, dirt, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and other fine particles that have been brought into your home by lots of shoes and feet. Entry rugs with high traffic should be “dusted” twice a week (or more) with your canister or upholstery attachment. Rugs with moderate traffic should be dusted weekly. Even rugs in areas with no traffic will still have dust settling on them daily, so attend to them bi-weekly. A consistent dusting routine will help keep your rugs cleaner and healthier for longer. It will also (especially when using a HEPA-filter vacuum) help keep your indoor air cleaner.



The time will come when something is spilled on your rug – coffee, soda, wine, or juice. There is a tendency to grab a cleanser and scrub the area, and this inevitably causes more permanent harm than good. A good emergency system is a very simple one, and all you need is club soda (or soda water) and cotton towels.

Rug first Aid kit : club soda or soda water, corn starch, salt, white cotton towels

  1. Do NOT use regular carpet spotters!
  2. Do NOT use SCRUB brushes immediately
  3. BLOT ►If needed use spoon to carefully scoop away what you can
  4. Check towel for dyes ► See Dyes in towel ?
  5. YES? blot carefully and STOP ►
  6. pack with corn starch or salt ►
  7. NO dyes ? apply some club soda ( or soda water) in moderate amount, don’t overwet !
  8. ►Blot/rinse/Blot and repeat again until finished
  9. ►stain gone? dry with Hair dryer on WARM only
  10. prop up rug under wet area and place fan on rug for 24-48 hours to dry
  11. cotton foundation. )
  12. Don’t skip this !
  13. Stain remains?

How to Vacuum your Rugs

How to identify, and prevent, moth/bug damage.

How often should I clean my rug?

Never let a carpet cleaner clean your area rugs at home.