Preparing Your Rugs for Storage

When preparing your rugs for storage longer than a few weeks to years, there are a few things to consider.  Wool or natural fiber rugs should never be wrapped in plastic as they have a natural moisture content.  This will likely cause mold and your rugs will rot in most cases.  Rugs should always be cleaned first prior to wrapping in Tyvek paper, this eliminates heavy soil in backing (preventing dry rot) and any moths/insects from eating your rug.  Tyvek wrap allows the rug to breathe and protects from outside moisture and moths is available from Imperial Rug Cleaning.

Carrie and I just want to give a big shout out for the awesome job you guys did on our oriental wool rug. It's rescued brought back from the abyss and according to Carrie, better than when we bought it . We were giddy to role it back out on the family room floor and discover it's full of lovely colors we had long forgotten. Thank You!
John A.
Golden CO
The folks at Imperial Rug Cleaning cleaned 2 rugs for us and made a pad for the largest of the two. They were pleasant to work with and provided the service in the time frame they promised.
Missy C.
Boulder CO

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