Rug Pads


It’s important to have a good pad underneath your rug.  A good pad can add to the longevity of your rug by acting as a “shock absorber” for foot traffic and furniture and lessening the wear on the rug’s fibers.  It also holds the rug in place and keeps it from slipping, buckling or traveling across the hard floor or carpet.

1 – To keep the rug in place and prevent you from slipping.  Rugs without pads can wrinkle causing a tripping hazard.  Other rugs are slippery, especially when on hard surfaces this too can be a slipping hazard.  Our rug pad provides traction on both the floor side as well as the rug side to prevent slipping

2 –  To give your rug support not “cush”, acting much like a “shock absorber” on a car.  As we walk on the rug and place furniture on our rugs the fibers are being crushed into the hard surface of the flooring.  Over time this can damage the fibers.  Having a pad lessens the impact.  The thinner or more wear your rug has the more important a pad becomes.

3 –  To act as a moisture barrier between rug and floor.  Our pad provides protection to your expensive hard wood floors from spills or pet accidents on the rug.  Saving expensive floor re-do.

4 –  To provide some protection from moths.  While not a guarantee, it makes it much less inviting with the air circulation.

5 –  The pad that we sell in our shop is custom cut to fit your rug.  We cut it about 2 to 3 inches in from the edges to allow a good look and flow over the pad.


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