Having us apply a rug protector to your rug can extend the life of your rug and help prevent unsightly stains.

Rug Protector Longmont​When Rug Protector is applied to your rug, it forms a protective barrier around the fibers of the rug. This barrier helps keep dirt and staining elements from getting absorbed into the rug fibers.  The protector used in our shop  is specifically made for use on wool rugs.  If you purchase protector at the time of cleaning, we offer a 6 or 12 month spill and spot warranty.  This allows you to bring your rug in within the warrantied time and we will clean your stains at no additional charge.  We will do our best to remove the stain, but having protector does not guarantee that the stain ​will come out.  If you have protector and you have a pet accident,you have a better chance of stain removal,if treated immediately. Our warranty does not cover​ ​ pet spots and stains.