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Spot Cleaning Rugs

The wrong spotter can damage your natural fiber rug! We have bottled a safe, gentle spotter for your rugs…and better yet…IT’S FREE!! We want to make sure you don’t damage your rug.  Come by 1011 Main street, Longmont and ask for yours….no catch…just FREE… Spot Cleaning Rugs Cleaners

Please READ THIS BEFORE proceeding… There are many types of rugs, and many types of care issues. These are general recommendations being provided to help in most scenarios involving natural fiber rugs. Please contact us by phone and /or with photos of your rug for specific advice if needed.

IMPORTANT: If your rug is viscose, rayon, bamboo silk, banana silk, Tencel, or any other type of artificial silk (regenerated cellulose) – these fibers are wood pulp (paper) and even slight moisture can cause permanent damage. Please contact us, or your trusted rug cleaner, BEFORE any clean up attempts using moisture. (If you are in panic mode, pack the area with corn starch. It will be messy but it will grab the spill faster than these rug fibers in the immediate moment. Many serious spills on these rugs can often ruin these rugs.

Spots and Spills

I spilled on my Rug! What do I do now?

Your Rug First-Aid Kit:

Club Soda, Corn Starch, Shop Vac and/or White Cotton Towels

The time will come when something is spilled on your rug – coffee, soda, wine, or juice. There is a tendency to grab a spotter you use on regular carpeting (NO! unless you want to bleach or cause bleeding) and scrub the area. This inevitably causes bleeding. The thing we are most concerned about, and more permanent fiber damage. A good emergency system is a very simple one, using club soda to rinse out the spill helps avoid bleeding. If you are a recent customer of Imperial Rug Cleaning, we have supplied a spotter bottle for free that is gentle to the rug. Next grab your shop vac and/or cotton towels.

How To Blot – Rinse – Blot

Spot Cleaning Rugs Bleeding
  • Immediately blot the wet area with a white cotton towel. Do not scrub the affected area, as this untwists and breaks the wool, silk, or cotton face fibers. (If the spill is an oil or dense substance, use a spoon or other curved tool to scoop up as much as you can before you begin the blotting process.)
  • Look at the white towel for two things: is the liquid spill absorbing into the towel, and are any of the rug’s dyes absorbing into the towel?
  • If the rug’s dyes are absorbing into the towel, blot a bit more and then STOP. No more work can be done to this area without causing the area’s dyes to bleed together. This type of damage can devalue your rug, so you want to stop before you make it worse. At this point you can pack the area with corn starch (or salt) as this will absorb the moisture and the spill into the powder. Bring the rug to Imperial Rug Cleaning ASAP.

If the rug’s dyes are NOT absorbing into the towel, then place a folded towel underneath the affected area and using a sponge dampen the affected area with club soda.  This will help you continue to remove the spill substance into towel.  We also like to use a strong shop vac at this point for more removal and quicker drying.  If still unsure of stain removal or possible bleeding, pack with corn starch.  Once you believe you have removed as much as you can through blotting and/or shop vac, elevate (prop it up) the treated area so that airflow can reach the back of the rug and dry the foundation thoroughly.  Do this for at least one day to ensure complete drying.  The rug will feel dry to the touch; however, the cotton foundation will still have moisture within it, and without air drying it will eventually lead to mildew and dry rot.  Use a WARM hair dryer to assist if you don’t have strong fans.  (If you have used corn starch it becomes hard to the touch when dry, and this can be broken apart with a spoon and scooped up and vacummed away.  However, you want to make sure the inner most cotton fibers are 100% dry, so still elevate the rug to dry for at least a day.)

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“Imperial Rug Cleaning went above and beyond cleaning and repairing my antique rug. I was completely amazed at how bright the colors were and how well they were able to remove areas where the reds had bled into the whites. I highly recommend.”

Keen – Ft. Collins, CO

Spot Cleaning Rugs Bleed

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