Because of the unknowns please call ahead to find out if we are still cleaning.   

We have made several changes for our rug intake process.  When you come with your rugs, you will find our doors locked.  Just knock, or call from your car 720-494-7847.  This will give us a minute to get our masks and gloves on to protect you and us.  We wipe down all surfaces after each customer, including moping the floor where the rugs were.  We will spray each rug front and back with a sanitizing spray before bagging them.  Each rug will go through the entire process individually so they are kept safe.  No touching rugs from any other house.  In addition we are including a full SANITIZING treatment during the cleaning process AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  We use all natural solutions for this step, no harsh chemicals.  When finished cleaning we will wrap every rug individually.  It would be great if you made an appointment to come so we don’t have two show up at same time.  We are only allowing ONE customer in at a time and wiping things down before the next one comes in.  Is all this needed?  I guess we don’t know, but we are all about taking care of our customer, their rugs and our employees so we are taking all the precautions we can.  Thanks for your understanding.  Dave and the Imperial Rug Cleaning Team



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